Unlocking Global Opportunities: Fort Bend County's Advantage in International | Fort Bend Economic Development Council

Fort Bend County, nestled within the vibrant Houston metropolitan area, is a prime destination for businesses seeking to expand their global reach. As one of the most diverse counties in the entire nation with a strong focus on international trade, this thriving county offers numerous advantages that position it as an ideal hub for businesses seeking access to new markets. Notably, the foreign-born population of Fort Bend County contributes an impressive $11 billion to the county's $29 billion GDP, representing 38% of the total business income in the region.

One of Fort Bend County's key strengths lies in its strategic location, which allows businesses to overcome supply chain challenges and gain entry into markets worldwide. The City of Rosenberg, situated within Fort Bend, is conveniently positioned just 45 minutes from Port Freeport, a deep-water port capable of accommodating large vessels transiting through the Panama Canal. In fact, Rosenberg enjoys direct connectivity to the port via Highway 36A and is home to three Class I rail lines, further enhancing transportation efficiency.

A pivotal factor contributing to Fort Bend County's advantage in international trade is its robust talent pipeline. The county benefits from renowned educational institutions such as Texas State Technical College (TSTC), the University of Houston (UH), Wharton County Junior College, and Houston Community College (HCC), ensuring a constant supply of highly skilled professionals. UH, for example, hosts a supply chain management program through its prestigious College of Technology, which recently merged with the College of Engineering and now offers classes exclusively from its Fort Bend County location.

Proactive federal, state, and local incentives targeting foreign investment, including the EB5 immigrant investor program, stimulate the economy by creating jobs and attracting capital from foreign investors. The success stories of prominent companies that have already chosen Fort Bend County as their home further highlight the region's appeal. Applied Optoelectronics Inc, Yokogawa Fluence Analytics, Immatics, and SLB are just a few examples of thriving global businesses in Fort Bend.

Fort Bend County's winning formula combines unmatched proximity to ports, access to a highly skilled workforce, and inclusive culture. When it comes to entering the global supply chain, Fort Bend truly stands out as a golden opportunity.