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With almost 900,000 people living in Fort Bend County, our population growth projections are continuing to trend upward. Young families, qualified workers, and lifestyle seekers are finding our county to be the perfect place to build a life.

Population of Fort Bend County (2023)

Woods and Poole Population Growth Estimates:

  • 2025- 960,499

  • 2030- 1,100,857

  • 2050- 1,825,182

Diversity Drives Inclusivity

In true Fort Bend fashion, our population is has been tagged as one of “the most diverse county in the nation” by Dr. Stephen Klineberg of the Kinder Institute at Rice University.  People from all over the world call Fort Bend home because of its inclusive culture, high median household incomes, exceptional schools, and beautiful communities. 

The median age in Fort Bend County is 36.7, and 56 percent of the work force is “white collar." Our diverse workforce and well-educated population create a wide and deep labor pool.  Just above 46 percent of the adult population has a bachelors degree or higher. 

Best Place to Live

Fort Bend County has long been known for its exceptional master-planned communities, and additional living options have sprung up to provide choices in living options. There are 259,106 housing units in the county, with a Median Home Income is $96,468. Seventy-eight percent of the population is in owner occupied dwellings

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