Energy | Fort Bend Economic Development Council

Fort Bend County has seen significant growth in the energy and energy transition sector, particularly in the renewable energy category.  The growth of solar farms on the west side of the county have found a home in Fort Bend because, in part, we have large tracts of available land parallel to energy transmission lines which supports the capture of clean energy and makes the transfer of that energy into the larger grid efficient. 

Braes Bayou Power Station Supports Renewable Energy

The Braes Bayou Power Station project in Fort Bend is a 288 MW natural gas-fired power generation facility that provides electricity to the Texas grid during critical peak periods. The power generating plant supports the growth of renewable solar and wind power sources. Learn More!

Training the Workforce

Fort Bend County works closely with area universities and the private sector to build the workforce needed to support energy jobs needed today and in the future as the energy sector continues to transition.

Leader in the Traditional Energy Sector

As clean, renewable energy continues to expand, Fort Bend is well positioned to capture this market while at the same time, supporting the traditional energy sector that has called Fort Bend home for decades. 

Renewable energy and support industries find Fort Bend desirable due to our concentration of engineer and STEM related workforce talent, strategic location, access to large tracts of land, and aggressive business attraction program.

The NRG 633-megawatt natural gas-fueled power plant, Petra Nova, sits on 111 acres in West Fort Bend County. Petra Nova captures carbon dioxide, preventing it from entering the atmosphere, transports the CO2 through 81 miles of pipe to an oil field to recover oil. It is one of the largest carbon capture facilities in the world. The Fort Bend Industrial Development Corporation assisted in financing the project with America Recovery Bonds.

Working together with community stakeholders, Fort Bend County is leading the way in energy generation, transition, and storage.