Fort Bend County is Trained and Ready! | Fort Bend Economic Development Council

In the world of economic development and commercial real estate, location has long been the key factor. However, the importance of a skilled labor pool is becoming increasingly evident, and Fort Bend County is well-positioned to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. The talent pool in Fort Bend County is diverse, inclusive, and highly skilled, making it no surprise that the county ranks 16th in the nation on Emsi's Talent Attraction Scorecard.

Fort Bend County's workforce totals over 425,000, with a regional laborshed exceeding 3.4 million people. Over half of the Fort Bend labor pool has an associate degree or higher, and nearly half have a bachelor's degree or higher, making Fort Bend the 10th highest educated county in the nation and the highest in the Greater Houston Region. Much of this civilian labor force stems from strong diversity levels and foreign-born contributions which total up to 11 billion dollars or 38% of the total GDP in the county.

With Fort Bend County leading the way in building a strong and inclusive workforce, major national employers like Amazon, Frito-Lay, and Dollar Tree, along with local companies like Accredo Packaging, HCSS, and Biotics Research are drawn to relocating or expanding in the area, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact. The availability of skilled labor in the region is a significant factor in this success.

Fort Bend understands the importance of quality education in workforce development. The county is focused on working closely with industry and education to ensure that the workforce is responsive to the changing needs of local industry, resulting in a ready-to-work talent pool equipped with the skills needed to meet specific local industry needs. This close cooperation, collaboration, and commitment of area stakeholders ensure that the workforce remains strong and relevant, meeting real needs identified in the commercial sector.

The county's six award-winning school districts, the University of Houston at Sugar Land, Houston Community College, Wharton County Junior College, and Texas State Technical College work closely with the commercial sector to provide trained, skilled, employable labor that meets the needs of industry. County and city leadership also aggressively pursue companies that value a skilled, trained workforce. Community resources like the Small Business Association, Workforce Solutions, 5-star accredited area chambers, and the Fort Bend EDC work together to build synergies and find workforce solutions that set the area apart.

As the population of Fort Bend County is expected to reach 1 million people in the next four years, the success story is expected to continue. The county offers an attractive place for people to live, work, and succeed, making it Greater Houston's finest address.