Why Fort Bend? | Fort Bend Economic Development Council

Fort Bend is the ninth largest county in Texas and one of the fastest-growing regions in terms of commercial development and population. Always known as an exceptional place to live, Fort Bend’s commercial sector has grown equally as fast. A pro-business government philosophy, exceptional business climate, and quality sites available for development encourage sustainable business growth and prosperity. Home to Fortune 500 companies, international businesses, and the brightest innovators, Fort Bend County has grown from 8,600 business establishments or companies to nearly 15,000 in ten years.

Most Diverse County In Texas, 3rd in The Nation
Most Best-Selling Master-Planned Communities in Greater Houston
Most Educated County in Greater Houston

What sets Fort Bend County apart?

Access and Infrastructure

Connected to Greater Houston and The World

Strategically positioned on the growing southwest side of Houston, Fort Bend boasts an integrated infrastructure system that easily connects to the rest of Greater Houston. A fast growing county, Fort Bend prioritizes mobility, access to broadband, accredited flood management levees, and responsible development standards that supports an ever expanding commercial and residential base.

Access to major interstates and a coordinated and interconnected road system, three Class I railroads, two airports, and access to a foreign trade zone, two international airports, and two deep water ports, Fort Bend County is open for business and across the region and around the globe. Locate here to do business anywhere.


Fort Bend County Ranks 16th in The US in Talent Attraction.

Companies continue to site workforce is the number one reason why they moved to or expanded within Fort Bend County. From skilled labor to leaders in research and development, the Fort Bend talent pool is diverse, inclusive, skilled, and plentiful.

Fort Bend County attracts talent from across the nation, enhancing the Fort Bend value proposition to companies. Fort Bend is leading the region and the nation in the attributes that build a strong, inclusive workforce including education levels, diversity, workforce training, and quality of life.

The talent pipeline is full, with 400,000 in the county labor pool and nearly 3.4 million within the region's labor shed.

Quality of Life

Fort Bend County is the Most Diverse County in Texas and 3rd in The Nation!

Residents in Fort Bend County enjoy the benefit of a community diverse in its cultures, cities, people, and lifestyles. From metropolitan living in the lofts and retail mixed-use communities of Sugar Land, to the amenity rich master planned communities in Missouri City to the quiet charm of Fulshear, to the history rich communities of Richmond and Rosenberg, Fort Bend County is a mix of communities, cosmopolitan to rural, offering residents options and opportunity.

Leading the region in diversity, education levels, median household income, safety, and master planned communities, Fort Bend draws talent from across the world attracted to our communities and exceptional quality of life.

"Fort Bend County is ripe for a large-scale, authentic, high-end mixed use center, which is exactly why we chose this site for The Grid. With excellent access to other parts of Greater Houston, one of the fastest-growing populations, the highest median household income in the region, and a pro-business culture, Fort Bend was the obvious choice for us." - Brian Murphy, EDGE Realty


Highest Educational Attainment in Greater Houston

Boasting exceptional primary and secondary education systems, Fort Bend is home to six school districts and four institutions of higher learning.  Our community values education and continues to lead the region in educational attainment, with more bachelor and post bachelor degrees than any county in Greater Houston.

The county’s award-winning schools and universities continue to attract those looking to raise a family or move their business, and with great access to top-ranked colleges and universities, achievement is never too far away.


Building an Innovation Ecosystem

Fort Bend County understands the value of supporting and nurturing aspiring technologies, innovation, and entrepreneurs.  Building coalitions, partnerships, and a collaborative nexus between industry, government, education, and entrepreneurs, Fort Bend is committed to developing an intentional, impactful, and strategic approach to stimulate entrepreneurial infrastructure. 

  • Houston Exponential expands its reach into Fort Bend County to begin start-up programming for innovators and entrepreneurs

  • Fort Bend ISD was selected by Microsoft to join the 2020-21 Incubator Path of the Microsoft Showcase School program

  • The Fort Bend Economic Development Council board of directors approved funds to commission a study by The Cannon on the feasibility of creating a series of innovation hubs in Fort Bend County. The Cannon found Fort Bend is “ripe” for three networked and fully integrated innovation hubs spread throughout the county that will be the building blocks of an innovation ecosystem.

Our Top Employers

"As a tech company, we are starved for talent. One of the main reasons we relocated from another part of Greater Houston to Fort Bend was the very talented labor pool. We moved here with 100 employees and now have over 300, almost exclusively from Fort Bend." - Tom Webb, HCSS

Fort Bend County is home to a diverse and growing commercial sector.  Attracted to our strategic location for national and international distribution, a large talented labor pool, proximity to the rest of Greater Houston, and exceptional quality of life, companies from around the country and around the globe have always found Fort Bend to be a smart business decision. 

Developable Land

Fort Bend County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Since 2000, Fort Bend has almost tripled in population and is expected to reach 1 million people in the next several years. However, the story is still being written, as Fort Bend County is only 50 percent developed. Large tracts of land owned by single land owners adjacent to interstates, rail lines, and access to ports attract companies looking for large footprint development.

At nearly 900 square miles, Fort Bend continues to see robust commercial activity, growing the Gross Regional Product from $4.3 billion in 1986 to $25 Billion in 2021, commercial values totaling more than $20 Billion.

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Tax Policies and Incentives

Fort Bend County continually has one of the lowest tax rates in the region and further benefits from no state income tax.

  • Many cities and school districts in Fort Bend offer the Freeport Tax Exemption

  • Fort Bend County has access to a Foreign Trade Zone fast tract subzone creation process through the Port of Freeport. FTZ's allow components, inventory and goods in process to be stored, manufactured, tested, disposed of, exhibited and repackages without incurring US customs duties and taxes.

  • Fort Bend County houses five designated federal opportunity zones with attractive reinvestment policies as outlined by the US department of treasury.

  • Ask about our local incentive packages for companies looking to expand within Fort Bend or relocate to the county

International Investment

Centrally located within the United States with operations, logistics and access advantages to US markets as well as Canada and Central and South America, Fort Bend County is a top choice for direct foreign investment.

  • No state income tax

  • Regional and National Leader in diversity, incoming investment, business growth and job growth

  • 28.6% foreign-born population generating 11 billion USD for the Fort Bend County regional domestic product