Fort Bend County's Employment Incentive Program

The Fort Bend County Commissioners Court has approved a program to incentivize employment and assist small businesses in attracting labor. American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds were approved by the court August 3, 2021 to provide hiring incentives to small businesses and non-profit organizations to pay newly hired employers a hiring bonus.

Fort Bend County- Get Hired!

Watch the video to find out how easy this employment incentive program is for your business.

The “Get Hired!” program encourages individuals to apply to small businesses and not-for-profit organizations within Fort Bend County – and encourages them to stay hired by offering an incentive after 90 days of successful employment. Program opens September 8, 2021 at 8 am for employers to register their businesses to participate in the program.

The process is simple and quick. Please review all the information on this page and gather any documentation you will need to create your account and register your business. Let's Get Hired! Fort Bend!

Please click here if you need further information or assistance regarding applications.

Employment Incentives

Up To $15.00 Per Hour Or $30,000 Per Year
$15.01-$20.00 Per Hour Or $40,000 Per Year
$20.01-$25.00 Per Hour Or $50,000 Per Year

Program Breakdown

The Get Hired! Employment Incentive Program is straight-forward and easy to follow. Interested employers register for the program BEFORE initiating the hiring process. Registration is as simple as logging in and submitting the necessary documentation. The grant review team will review the documents to ensure the business or organizations is active, eligible under the criteria established, and in good standing. Once confirmed as eligible, the business or organization can begin interviewing and hiring needed employees.

For the hiring incentive to be paid, the program requires the new employee work to work an average of 20 hours or more per week and be in good standing (actively employed) after 90 days. Upon completion of the 90 day period, the employer will submit records which demonstrate the employee has met the work criteria. Once reviewed and approved, the county will pay the employer the incentive (to be paid to the employee) and a standard administrative fee (to be paid to the employer) that covers any incurred fees.

Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Any interested businesses or organizations should register online and create an account. All documentation will be submitted through this portal throughout the process.

  2. The team will review each registration to ensure the business or organization meets the criteria established.

  3. Once eligibility is confirmed, the business or organization should begin the hiring process. The new hire must accept the employment offer and the employer must complete and submit the "New Hire Form".

  4. The newly hired employee MUST average at least 20 hours per week for 90 days, and be in good standing with the employer.

  5. Employer should submit documentation of employee's paychecks and employment incentive will be paid to employer to pay employee.

  6. Employer will receive a 10% administrative fee to cover incurred expenses to receive the incentive.

  7. Employer must submit documentation (i.e. bank statements, checks) to confirm incentive was paid to employee.

  8. If the employee does not complete 90 days continuously and satisfactorily, no incentive or administrative fee will be paid.

Employee Eligibility Requirements

  • Employee must complete interview process and accept employment offer.

  • Employee must work 20+ hours per week (average) over the 90 day period.

  • Employee must be in good standing and must complete 90 calendar days in order to be eligible to receive the “Get Hired” incentive.

Supporting Fort Bend Small Businesses

Fort Bend County has already granted more than $50 million in direct emergency small business grants. Now we want to help you attract labor and remain competitive!

Business Eligibility

This program supports small businesses and non-profit organizations with 1-50 employees and revenues between $25,000 and $5 million and encourages sustainable employment within this category of businesses. Business and non-profit organizations must be "active" as defined below and meet additional eligibility requirements.

Program participants receiving grants may develop individual guidelines that best serve their business needs so long as the outlined criteria for each grant tier is incorporated. To ensure program compliance, the incentive and program requirements must be adhered to, however, businesses may create ADDITIONAL criteria if needed to better meet the needs of their businesses. Participants in this program are advised to seek legal counsel and ensure that they abide by all applicable employment laws and fair employment practices.

Eligibility & Required Documentation
Active Business/Organization Defined

Business or organization must be active as defined below:

Meet below to be considered eligible:

  • Business formation documents (DBA, LLC, Sole Prop, Corp, etc.)

  • Non – Profit documentation: 501(c)(3) designation (if applicable)

  • Operational as of December 31, 2020 (defined as incurring revenue & expenses)

AND meet at least one of the following:

  • Has documented transaction from the sale of a product, professional/ personal service or incoming revenue (donations, tithes, offering, etc.)  

  • Has acquired debt or equity capital to pursue business operations (e.g. to purchase inventory, etc.)

Additional Eligibility Criteria
  • Business, organization, or non-profit must be generating revenue in Fort Bend County.

  • Business/ Organization must have been active (as defined above) as of December 31, 2020.

  • Revenue Requirements: $25,000 - $5,000,000 (as reported on 2020 Tax Return as gross sales and receipts).

  • Business/organization must have at least one (1) employee (or owner/employee) and no more than fifty (50) employees

Employer Documentation- Register For Program

Once the employer has an account, all documentation can be uploaded into this portal upon applying. If you do not have this documentation readily available, we still welcome you to apply and this documentation will be requested.

  • Valid Government ID (Passport, Driver's License, Identification) Driver’s License  – not expired

  • Certificate of Good Standing or Franchise Tax Status, DBA or Schedule C

  • Formation Documentation

  • Tax Return (2020) including but not limited to Form 1120S,1040 (with Schedule C), Form 990, and 1065

    • The entire tax return must be provided.

    • The tax return must be signed or the applicant must provide Form 8879 (confirmation of e-file signature).

    • If it is an amended tax return, must provide an IRS Tax Return Transcript

  • Signed and dated W9 – section 1-3 should be completed.

Each employer is required to complete a New Hire Form for each new hire, this will be provided once the employer is deemed approved to receive the incentive.

Employer Documentation- Incentive Payment

Using the account created when the business registered, upload one of the following to confirm employee has worked and received compensation.

  • Employer must provide proof of payment that shows the employee was paid over the 90 days.

  • Additionally, once the incentive is paid, the employer must provide documentation (proof of payment) that the employee was paid the incentive.

  • Proof of payment: bank statements, endorsed check copies.

Your area chambers and economic development organizations are here to help.  Please contact your area chamber for more details or to assist with the registration process by clicking the box below.